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The story of Yellowstone will go on for years to come, but it will soon be time to say goodbye to the best western drama on television today.

Before that happens, there’s a long list of things fans are dying to see. Many questions will have to be answered before the cast of Yellowstone tip their hats one last time. The back half of season 5 has yet to be filmed and fans have been waiting impatiently to see what happens next.

Taylor Sheridan is never one to disappoint but there is a concern from fans over how the stories will end for their favorite characters. You would think some would have to remain untouchable, but time will tell. Here is a list we compiled about what fans want to see before Yellowstone wraps up its phenomenal run.

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10. Goodbye Summer

I think I speak for most of the Yellowstone fanbase when I ask why is she still around? It’s not only the huge age gap with John but also her constant belittlement of the Dutton family. This environmentalist has nothing in common with the Dutton's and the tedious butting heads with Beth Dutton is an overplayed arc.

The world is about to get a lot bigger and I’m not sure of the place she still has in it. She has squashed some debates with Beth thanks to the help of Rip, but that’s only going to last so long. If there is one expendable character it’s this one. She offers no real addition to the story other than a side piece for John Dutton because he doesn’t want to feel real love and emotion with anybody.

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9. The adoption of Carter

Carter may not need anything on paper and it may be hard to convince a judge to give Beth and Rip custody of a child given their backgrounds, but fans would love to see more family bonding before Yellowstone wraps up. Carter is getting older and his need for parents will become less and less, but I think he is owed a stronger family foundation. He needs more Rip involvement to teach him how to be a man with honor, morals, and principles.

He has come such a long way from the troubled orphan we met seasons ago. Under John and Rip’s wing, he has learned how to become a cowboy. Under Beth, he has learned how to treat a woman. And he is the closest these two will ever have to a child. With Beth and Rip away from the Dutton ranch, the audience is going to expect a heartwarming conclusion for this unexpected family. It would be great for the fans to see them make something official before the curtains close.

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8. Another baby for Kayce and Monica

It wasn’t so long ago Kayce and Monica tragically lost their son in a horrific accident. Their oldest son, Tate, did his best to get his mom and baby brother to safety, but it was too late for little John Jr. After a grieving period and some surprising help from John, Monica pulled through it and I believe became a better wife and mother in the end.

Tate made it known that he thinks they should try again for another baby. Kayce never put the idea out of his mind. Currently, they are living near the ranch and helping out while the others head off to Texas to quarantine the sick herd. Kayce and Monica were not a well-received couple to start but over time they have grown on me. That is all due to the development of Monica and what the writers have done with her. She’s always been a strong educated woman but her nagging ways about who her husband is and what he came from were too much to find her likable.

Through the years she has found a balance between John’s family and her Native American heritage. There are many natives out there who I’m sure can find solace in that. It’s tough to balance your heritage and fit into modern-day society. I hope these two can build on their family and help with the ranch for many years to come.

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7. Teeter and Rip

Teeter and Rip are my favorite duo on the show next to Rip and Beth. Platonically of course. They share a brother and sister bond that neither of them saw coming. From the day Teeter stepped onto the Yellowstone it has never been the same. Though most still cannot understand her she has been just as capable if not better than the bunkhouse boys from day one. And her bond with Rip has only grown stronger.

Rip is not a man who usually stands up to John Dutton, but for Teeter he does. John Dutton, tired of the bunkhouse drama with women, had had enough and wanted all the females gone. Little did he know at the time Teeter had been branded and nearly killed for defending the ranch with Colby. And from that moment Teeter is usually Rip’s first choice. She’s everything you want in a cowgirl and as small as she is has a heart as big as the moon and a mouth as big as one too. She brings all the comedy in the world in a small but mighty package, and I hope we see her again in Yellowstone’s future.

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6. The death of Jamie

This is an obvious one fans have been expecting for almost every season it feels like. He has betrayed the Dutton family time and time again. Even though he does have immense love for the ranch and wants to fight for it, when it comes to the rest of the Duttons, he doesn’t have that same energy. He once used to live his life to impress and please John, whom he thought was his father. Those days have since passed when he realized the reason he never felt like a part of the family. It’s because he wasn’t.

Currently, Jamie is trying to get his father out of office and take his job as the Governor of Montana. A job he believes he is rightly suited for. Believing John only took the position for his gain. Which is true. Beth still thinks she has Jamie by the balls for having the evidence of Jamie murdering his biological father. But even that seems way down on the list of their grievances against Jamie.

Beth weirdly just found out about the train station, and what it means. Jamie knows all their family’s dirty little secrets and Beth urges her father to take some kind of action. They need to end Jamie before Jamie ends him. Unfortunately for Beth Jamie has the same idea. Who will run across the finish line first?

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5. Thomas Rainwater back in charge of the Reservation

Thomas has had his fair share of trouble keeping control of things at the reservation. Tensions continue to rise between him and Angela Blue Thunder. Rainwater knows that John being in office is good for the preservation of the land but he’s worried about his reservation. He is a casino mogul and chair member of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation.

At the moment, he is working with John Dutton and Lynelle to take a stand against the pipeline as it would be devastating for his people. In return, he hopes to get back their confidence and respect in him. Lynelle may need to do more than stand by Rainwater in solidarity of warning him about the pipeline. She has a slew of things to tackle in Washington but for Montana’s sake needs to put this at the top of the list.

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4. The emergence of Jimmy in Texas

In Yellowstone, we have seen Jimmy’s progress from the boy we saw when we first met him to the man he became in Texas. With Rip and the gang heading off to Texas to save the herd, we may get a chance to catch up with Jimmy again.

Last we saw, he was engaged to Emily and enjoying his life out at the 6666. He came back to Montana for a short time to fulfill his word to John Dutton. He had every intention of paying him back for his medical bills, but even John said he would be 90 before that happened. It gave John more satisfaction to see the man he’s grown into and the life he has laid out for himself.

He may not be a rodeo man anymore but he’s going to contribute to the circuit in a way he never imagined before. Little Jimmy has grown up.

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3. A ride into the sunset for Lloyd

Lloyd has been a part of the Yellowstone ranch since the dawn of time. He has surely had his ups and downs but became one of John’s right-hand men. Rip took over that position when Lloyd had too many run-ins with Walker, and usually over women.

The former rodeo competitor is branded to the ranch and despite his troubles is still one of the most beloved and well-respected members of the bunkhouse boys. It would be great to see him have a moment in the sun and find some happiness that doesn’t involve young blonde rebels.

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2. John handing the torch over

Yellowstone fans got the sense bad news was coming for John Dutton due to Kevin Costner’s inability to film and drama with Costner, the network and Taylor Sheridan.

Jamie is coming for Beth and he may end up in the cross-fire. It’s not a sure thing but it does make the most sense John will reach his demise and hand the torch over. But to whom? The most likely scenario would be Kayce. He has always wanted him to take over one day, much to Monica’s dismay. But now that Monica has loosened the reigns a bit it might be possible. Beth is a genius in business but a ranch-runner she is not. Jamie may be good at both but trust is not something he can ever earn again.

John Dutton has become one of the most iconic characters in television. It will be heartbreaking to watch him go if he does. We would much rather see him retire and ride off into the sunset but alas this is Yellowstone and drama rarely reveals happy endings. He’s never been able to let go of his wife Evelyn, which is the main reason he never took serious relationships. The man has gone through so much loss that one last ride may be his destiny.

The prophecy of 1883 may also be revealed. When James Dutton came to Paradise Valley he came across the Crow Native American leader who let him take the land in exchange for hunting on it, and that in seven generations the Dutton’s would have to give the land back. As we all know Tate is half Dutton, half Native on his mother's side. So that in turn would fulfill the prophecy if the Yellowstone is passed down to him.

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1. A happy ending for Beth and Rip

This one is a given. I truly hope Taylor Sheridan doesn’t mess with this couple. There are so many things that could go wrong in this relationship, but they somehow manage to stay steady and get through anything that comes at them. Regardless of Beth’s constant heartbreak and mistakes of the past, Rip always stands by her because he’s a one-woman man and will only ever have eyes for her. He is a man of such honor that he has learned from John through the years. It surprises no one how these found each other again.

Beth constantly fears it’s going to be too much for Rip. That he will find out something about her past that will destroy it all. Rip has to continually reassure her that there’s nothing that would ever make him leave. But she’s not so convinced. Rip probably only knows a small percentage of the things she’s done. Will something come out that Rip isn’t prepared to face? Will Rip perish in the Dutton family war? I hope not. Because when John Dutton is gone this ranch is going to need him. Kayce could be a great leader and the most logical to take the reigns but they are going to need Rip to be the man who gets things done. Every generation needs a man who will do the dirty work.

The one thing I would like to see is a real wedding for these two. Not a rushed shotgun-like ready because Beth was afraid she’d go to jail. Even John couldn’t believe what she was wearing. He told her back on their wedding as he was walking her down the aisle that he would like to do this again someday, the right way. The way a Queen deserves. I hope John gets that dream before Yellowstone reaches the end of the number one television show on the planet.

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