Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s greatest moments

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler have one of the greatest love stories in television and here’s our just a few reasons why
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Beth and Rip have become one of television's greatest super couples. When we first meet Beth things were far from a fairytale between the two characters, but as time moves on it becomes one of the most heart-rendering love stories between the strong free-spirited woman and tall dark and handsome rugged man. Yellowstone may be ending by our journey with Beth and Rip is far from over. It is one of the greatest things the hit drama has given to us and truly makes you believe in love no matter how broken you are.

Beth and Rip went from childhood sweethearts in a sense to taking separate paths in their adult lives. Rip was branded to the ranch and Beth had her own journey to take. Wild and abundantly free she was never one who was going to be stuck at Yellowstone.

They shared a type of raw and rare chemistry ever since they were kids. Even though Rip respected John in the highest regard he could not bottle his feelings for Beth. Granted Beth was far from a classy young lady Rip treated her in the most honorable way imaginable. Men with that type of honor and integrity are hard to find and should be held onto when you have it. It took Beth many years of mistakes to finally understand that, but she did and hasn’t let him go since.

When we are first introduced to Beth in Yellowstone, being tied down to any man is not something we would have predicted. She comes across as a very one-and-done girl. No attachments, no feelings, no complications. And as tough as her exterior may be the walls of her heart can only remain so strong. The longer she is around Rip the more feelings from their past start to awaken. After some time there is no stopping it, and no real reason to try.

Now we take a look back at some of Beth and Rip’s greatest moments:

Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow and You.

"I could do this. I could live here. And never see another person in my life except you. I don’t need anything else. Cigarettes, whiskey, a meadow, and you."

Beth Dutton

“Is this more your kind of beautiful?” Rip asks Beth in season 5 as they overlook the untouched land. Rip had found it a year before when Beth said she wanted to be married in a place with no memories. The wedding was of course rushed due to the fact that Beth thought she’d be going to jail for years. The two hobble their horses and sip on whiskey as they overlook the picturesque view of tranquility.

Rip of course teases her about her wrapped sense of priorities and how the three things she most wants will be a little tricky in the winter. But that’s one thing we love about this couple most. The warmth and love and the humor that falls after. And just like in true Beth and Rip form, he tells the love of his life to shut up and watch the sunset with him.

Beth and Rip’s dance

Back in season three Rip comes across Beth outside howling, and of course drunk again. But he gets a kick out of her wild and free-spirited nature. Though he first takes out his shotgun thinking it’s some kind of animal at first, no it’s just Beth who is soon seen rolling around in the dirt. Classic Beth.

Beth has never been alone on the ranch and she wants to go all out. Rip remarks, “Baby you’ve been doing whatever you want your whole life.” So in an effort to please Beth into fighting her loneliness, he turns on the lights and lifts her up to dance. Under the light of Yellowstone, they share a romantic dance and an unforgettable kiss.

The Gathering

Beth is highly disappointed that her man did not invite her for the branding gathering. They would have to spend two days on horseback and live the life of a cowboy. Which was something that Rip didn’t think pampered Beth would have any part in. Not that he would ever be disappointed by that. It’s just who she was and he loves every part of her. Beth does tease him in her manipulative way that she will just go to Vegas and has her own fun then. Rip cutely tells her to put the crazy away as only Rip can.

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"Beth, love of my life. I don’t think I can survive two days alone and god knows you hate horses and cattle and being dirty and cold and especially being told what to do. All of which will happen tomorrow. But would you consider coming and sparing me the misery of being without you.”"

Rip Wheeler

Beth and Rip hold hands

Everyone is at the rodeo show in season 3 and there is still a bit of awkwardness between Rip and John since Beth has been back. But these two cowboys will surely do anything but talk about it. Regardless John still knows what the two of them mean to each other, he was not born yesterday and blurts out that he can hold her damn hand. Not in a rude way but enough to say come on now you are both adults. If I didn’t want you to be with my daughter you would know it by now.

It is a tender moment between Beth and Rip it is a tender where you feel that Beth is publicly showing she’s proud to be with him.

Beth and Rip's Wedding

This was definitely not a wedding to rival all weddings, but for Rip and Beth it was perfect and completely their style. In season 4 it was not the way Rip would have imagined it but Beth had no time to waste. She thought she would be going to jail for the rest of her life and she didn’t want to live another day without being his wife.

The wedding was rushed. In Rip’s words to Lloyd, they are doing everything ass-backward. Beth was wearing a fur coat and a very revealing dress. Though John tried to tell her she can’t wear the dress she does so anyway. After some sarcastic moments that somewhat cross the line between father and daughter, John tells her he wants to give her a real wedding someday and do this right.

Joke’s aside it was a sweet moment of John giving her away and vows of deepness between the two. Not for what they said but with the passion they said it.

“You’re all I need.”

When Rip asks Beth what she wants him to call her she tells him wife. It was a shocking moment for fans because Beth isn’t one to settle down. After saying it she quickly runs away in fear. Not thinking she could ever be good enough for him. She knows she can’t give Rip the full life she thinks he deserves. She can’t have children. So she runs because being without would be heartbreaking enough.

Kids aren’t really something on his radar. He’s happy with the life he has at the ranch and with Beth and that’s all he needs to be happy. For Beth to even open herself up to that kind of vulnerability is mind-blowing compared to the Beth we first met in season one.

”Call me baby again.”

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One of the more tender moments early on in season 3 between these two was the first time Beth called Rip baby. He wasn’t expecting it or expecting how much he would like to hear it. But he did, and he wanted to hear it again. It takes a lot for Beth to open up her heart and allow herself to feel and it also made Rip feel like he was loved enough to be worthy of that. It is such a simple and natural thing to say but the way it makes such a tough and rugged man grin is something spectacular to watch.

Rip to Beth’s rescue

Beth is attacked by two gunmen who are going after the Duttons in season 2. She is attacked in her office nearly getting beaten to a pulp. Her assistant was shot and Beth is thrown hard against a table. Her knight in shining armor comes just in time to save her before they manage to end her life. Which they were nearly on the brink of doing. In very Rip fashion he breaks the man's skull in sheer passion he has for Beth. He would do anything to save her. The rule of thumb is you don’t mess with Rip’s woman.

Beth brings Carter home

Beth bringing Carter home is where the pair truly became a family. The two were already peas in a pod. Beth could see a lot of herself in Carter from the day they met. But she could also see a lot of Rip in him, and I think that is what won her over so hard.

Beth might not be able to have children but when Carter entered the picture that was a void that was quickly filled. Though he can be a troublesome kid he is not a match for Beth. Not many are. Rip was not keen on the idea at first but he has warmed up to him. Eventually going on to raise him like the cowboy he was destined to become ever since entering the Yellowstone.

Rip knows Beth better than she knows herself

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In season one instead of going to a music festival like a typical couple Rip takes her to the bar instead. Something more suited to her style.“You want to go get drunk and watch some wolves kill an elk in the park?” Not the most romantic line but for Rip and Beth it’s romance personified. It’s a gory type of entertainment that Beth likes and Rip knows her well enough to know the kind of date night she needs in that moment.

"I’ve done some morbid shit on a first date but this takes the cake Rip."

Beth Dutton

You keep your paws off Beth’s man

Just as you do not mess with Beth, you also do not mess with Rip. At Lloyd’s birthday celebration in season 5, the bunkhouse gang and Beth all wanted to go to the bar to celebrate. Technically the bar was Beth’s idea and Rip already knew going into it it was a bad one.

A drunken woman tries to make a pass at Rip and had it in her mind she could steal Rip away from her right in front of Beth. And that is where she went wrong. It went about as you would expect it to and Beth dismantled her from her high horse beating her senseless with a bottle. It led her to spend a night and jail but that is what you get when you make a threat like that. And a threat it was, and one the girl will probably never make again on another woman’s territory.

Where you go I go

At the end of season 5, Rip and some of the others from the bunkhouse and some other men that John trusts have to take the cattle down south to Texas. They are sick and have to be quarantined away from the ranch or the sickness will spread and be devastating.

Rip is tasked with overseeing this and will have to be away from Montana for at least a year. It’s not work Rip can just say no to. This is the life of a rancher and the cattle comes first. Beth does understand that but she’s not just going to let her husband go off and be alone. It shows the growth in Beth and Rip’s impact on her.

The old Beth would have just gone wild and free and did what she wanted until his return. But she made the mature move in deciding she would be where he is. Though she’s not going to quite cowgirl up as she did at the gathering, she loves Rip more than the moon but she has to stay practical. Beth plans to get a hotel room in the town he is nearest to and join him where he is. It’s not the life they had planned but it also shows you just how much they are in love that they can’t spend any amount of time away from each other.

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