Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 3 recap: Antigonish

Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Michael
Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Michael /

Dark Winds episode 3 starts earlier in the day before all hell broke loose on the rez. Colton is seen making himself some sort of unique gourmet meal with a metronome in the background. The pacing for each episode of Dark Winds has been nearly flawless. Of course, with a six-episode season, there’s no reason to draw things out. Each episode reveals more and more hints to the story that is substantially surrounded by the monster “blond man” Colton. 

Joe returns home after the news that was shared with him by young Benny. He knows with the information given, it’s time to tell Emma. As Emma comes up to him, she’s aware something is wrong. She takes their son's belt buckle from Joe and soon takes his hand. The pain from their loss comes washing over them. It was a moment that needed to come for a long time. Joe finally reveals all the connections he found from Colton, the death of the Charley family, to BJ vines and the drill site. Joe knows it's not hard evidence but he will find it, for them, and their son.

Fans who watched last week know about the terror that is about to come to the hospital. Chee is still recuperating and having a nice conversation with a man named Mike, a security guard looking to become a cop, and swapping war stories with Jim. It was a nice moment to forget the present until Chee turns his head and spots Colton while he’s on the phone with Bernie. He gets a chance to tell her quickly he’s here before slipping away out of Colton's sight. Colton hits the fire alarm and all that is seen is blinking red against the loud alarm. In hindsight a perfect opportunity for Colton to take care of Chee.

Colton and Chee are quickly playing a game of cat and mouse again, except this time Chee is the one that is one step ahead. He finds himself cornered in a room he was hiding in with Colton right on his tail. Just in time, some nurses walk into a room for the patient in there and he was able to get away. In a swift move, Chee climbs up in the ceiling but it’s not quite sly enough for Colton. He figures it out from ceiling particles that fell to the floor. Colton quickly points his gun up at the ceiling and fires all around Chee.

Mike, the future cop, comes to Chee’s aid but he is shot and falls to the ground at a rapid pace. At this point, Chee knows he’s in for if he doesn’t make a move, so he jumps down from the ceiling to attack him.

After a struggle, he takes a vase and nails him over the head with it. Mike weakly rolls a can of mace to Chee to help him out one last time and he blasts Colton with it, momentarily blinding him so he can get away. In a strange effort to escape, Colton jumps right out the window and lands on a car. Not a soft landing but miraculously gets up from it and stumbles away to the parking lot.

What have we learned about Colton in this episode?

The woman he has been so desperately searching for was revealed to be his mother Linda Maddox. At the beginning of the episode, it’s shown Colton has hired a new private investigator. Let’s see how long this one will survive. It never did make much sense to murder the help.

Bernie and Joe show up just on top as Colton is peeling away. They try to shoot him down but once again it’s no use. The dynamic duo manage to track down the car Colton stole but now he’s on foot. It’s hard to track in the desert at dark so they get a search team together by morning. Joe and the company put all their resources together for a full search party.

Jet James Grant as Benny Charley - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Michael /

Now that Chee doesn’t work there, there isn’t much for him to do. He offers to take Benny to meet up with his mother, now that she is his only relative left. They have a nice moment together before he sets off to his new life with his mother. Chee teaches him the “right” way to eat a snow cone. I have never seen anyone use the combination of a snow cone and pickle but a play on sour and sweet I guess.

Chee does share his pain and knows what it’s like to lose a parent at such a young age. We will miss Benny but I have a feeling we’ll see him again.

Dark Winds: The man who can’t be caught

Colton has crawled his way to the home of an old Dine woman who takes him in and cares for him. He can’t understand a word she says but he’s in no position to argue anyway. He is warmed and fed before taking her saddle and horse and riding off to get space between himself and Joe. Colton does bring up his mother often to the Dine woman, not that she can understand him, but there seems to be a very unhealthy relationship there. Mommy issues don’t even begin to cover it.

Bernie did not attend the search party. She was stuck back at the office to gather up some information and evidence for Leaphorn. She was able to find a survey of the location of the drill site explosion with Dillon Charley’s name on it. The ground had no uranium to use so why would B.J. Vines buy the site for a mine? It does not seem the wealthy white man has been being honest.

Dark Winds: Passionate Persistence

The persistent reporter Mary Landon still won’t give up on her passion to fight for Native American women. Since the legislation passed, Native American women are being forced to sterilize themselves and she wants to put a stop to it with the help of real Native American women.

In previous episodes, Emma Leaphorn did not want to be a part of it. It felt more like a political campaign to her and she wants these women's lives protected. She doesn’t want them seen as a mockery by the rest of the world. 

Joe and Bernie follow a lead regarding a complaint of RV waste dumping on Gerland’s farm. From there they follow the trail that leads them straight to Colton’s trailer. The next episode is bound to start out with some fireworks.

Emma Leaphorn arrives at one of her patient's properties to do an at-home delivery. It goes as successfully as a birth can even with the high energy from the husband. After going back to her car Emma breaks down completely. After the death of her son, it must be wearing her down to deliver baby after baby and never being able to have the chance to hold her own son again. Vengeance is near so let’s see if Joe and Bernie can catch the monster once and for all next week.

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