Dark Winds season 2 episode 4 recap: The March

Joe Leaphorn goes head to head with Colton in episode 4 “The March”
Jessica Matten as Sgt. Bernadette Manuelito and A. Martinez as Gordo Sena - Dark Winds _ Season 2,
Jessica Matten as Sgt. Bernadette Manuelito and A. Martinez as Gordo Sena - Dark Winds _ Season 2, /

In the fourth installment of Dark Winds season 2, the audience is taken all the way back to the opening scenes of the premiere when Colton’s trailer was shot out with Bernie and Joe left inside. Joe and Bernadette reach Colton’s trailer to find the light on. Though Colton knows he’s caught he moves at an extremely slow pace to evade them. They send out a radio call back to Sena but they are possibly three hours out from sending any backup. But this is the man who killed his son and Joe is not about to wait around. He’s tired of chasing this killer and they’ve come too far to let him slip through his hands.

As Joe and Bernie approach, Colton slips out of the back of his trailer. With Joe and Bernie left inside and trapped Colton blasts his own trailer with bullets hoping to finish them off and disappear only the wreak havoc again. Fortunately for Joe things do not go as planned. Colton jets off with their police cruiser only to wreck after being shot at by Bernie and Joe. The blond man manages to slither away from them once again. Bernie wants to wait for backup but Joe is a man on the mission. They track him all the way down to the ridge of the canyon, but it is dark and foggy with no visibility. It still doesn’t stop Joe and he jumps off into the depths of the unknown.

As the sun falls over the canyon, Joe wakes up slowly with a huge gash against his head and a bloodied and broken arm. The extreme pain he’s in still doesn’t stop him. He slips a tourniquet around his arm and pushes himself to his feet.

Meanwhile, Colton thinks he can hide out until the search party gets tiresome but that’s not happening. Joe tracks him tack and knocks Colton down with one swift kick to the head by his boot. He ties a rope around his neck like the animal he is and plans to rope him back to jail.

A. Martinez as Gordo Sena and Jessica Matten as Sgt. Bernadette Manuelito - Dark Winds _ Season 2, /

Gordo Sena is once again not all too thrilled to help. The dangers of the canyon are tremendous but Joe is like a father to Bernie and she’s not taking no for an answer. She needs someone she can trust to help her find Joe. Together the search party begins.

Dark Winds: Sally is not feeling motherhood

Sally accompanies Emma with her baby at the Health Center but she doesn’t go into the room. She sits outside in the waiting room while hearing her child cry. Mary walks in and has a short conversation with her. Initially, she starts to talk about her cause but then stops and has a heart for the young woman offering her a tissue instead. You can tell Mary cares about these women she just needs to approach it differently.

When Emma and Sally are back at home, Sally finally admits the truth to her. She has always felt trapped and as a mother she now feels even more trapped. This is not the life she sought for herself. She feels imprisoned by everything the father of her child has taken away from her. Sally never asked to have a baby and certainly not in the way she did. She doesn’t think that her baby likes her and believes her baby can sense that he is the reason she’s trapped. She doesn’t want him to have to carry that guilt. That he will one day feel ashamed knowing he did this to her, and she will always remain angry about it and have regrets.

Sally knows that he deserves better for a mother. She is such a good representation of not just Native American young mothers, but all young mothers who have children too young. Or have children unwillingly and the toll it takes on you. It's not always a selfish thing to feel trapped. Deep in her heart, she is a good mother, far better than she knows to recognize that. And to want better for her child.

Dark Winds: The March begins

Leaphorn forces Colton to his feet and orders him to march ahead as he follows behind. Joe has the end of his rope tightly wrapped around his good hand. He jerks the rope anytime Colton is out of line or not listening. The serial killer is weak but Joe has neither food nor water Joe is too determined to let this killer go free again. If it means his death so be it, but he will take Colton down to hell before he goes.

Colton continues to try and get in Joe’s head along the journey. Reminding him of his injuries and the risk he is making with his life. How sepsis can set in and how his cognitive ability is off. He offers Joe 25k for his freedom. But Joe is there for justice and material things are not playing a role in this.

Colton is an intuitive man and he knows this is not just about taking a killer in, this is personal to Joe. Colton asks “Why haven’t you killed me?” And Leaphorn replies, “When they put you to death I’ll be there.” He ties him up around a tree and chokes him out until he is finally unconscious.

Dark Winds: Chee can’t catch a break

Jeri Ryan as Rosemary Vines - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/AMC /

Joe Leaphorn is fighting for his own life just as Jim Chee is recovering from his near-death experience with Colton himself. Rosemary Vines pays Chee a visit at the hotel while he’s trying to recover. You can sense Rosemary doesn’t feel good at the position she put Chee in but with the job comes risk. She offers him some money for his troubles but Jim does not want blood money for her sympathy.

As Chee goes on to talk about the events Rosemary has no clue about Tomas Charley’s death and she leaves in a hurry to break down in her car. There was a strong connection there, perhaps a lover? Because what we see from Mrs. Vines are tears of sheer pain.

Before Chee can even get a shirt on B.J. Vines pays him a visit next accusing him of having an affair with his wife. Interesting given what we have just learned about Tomas and Rosemary. Jim explains he was only working for his wife to uncover the box for him. Now Vines wants to hire Chee to expose his wife. He is convinced she is cheating on him and offers Chee a salary for a whole year if he gets the evidence.

Kiowa Gordon as Jim Chee - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/AMC /

At the Vines' home, B.J. And Rosemary are having a lovely dinner. Rosemary sits about as far away from her husband as possible. B.J. Gifts his wife with a necklace that is engraved “Fidelis” meaning faithful. She has to accept it but viewers can see how uncomfortable she is to be touched by the man. There is much more story of B.J. Vines to tell.

Dark Winds: Say goodbye to your freedom

Joe and Colton have another showdown and Colton manages to get away momentarily. Colton tries to attack him but they are both weak and Joe ends up on top of him pointing his gun in his face. Colton tells him they are no different to which Joe replies yes we are. A shot rings out and Bernie hears the sound from afar. Joe purposely misses because he is not the man Colton thinks he is.

Soon Colton is now locked up at the police station. Everyone there is looking at the bloody stare-down between the two men. The clock is ticking in the background and Colton taps his finger to match it. The man is literally and figuratively at the end of his rope. Joe only stares him down harder even though he should be seeking medical attention promptly.

There is much more story to unfold by the time we reach the season finale of Dark Winds. In the next episode, Joe Leaphorn is convinced that Colton had a partner and he’s not going to stop until he finds him. Could the killer be the man that was originally suspected from the start, B.J. Vines? Could he have killed Tomas Charley in fear that he had an affair with his wife just as he attempted to do to Jim Chee? Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC and AMC Plus to find out!

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