Dark Winds season 2 episode 5 recap: Black Hole Sun

Joe Leaphorn believes the deaths in the Navajo Nation is not a solo act in “Black Hole Sun”.
Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Michael
Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Michael /

In episode 5 of season 2 of Dark Winds, the story of Colton's past unfolds even deeper. Viewers witnessed a flashback of when he was a child and shockingly came upon his father who was shot and murdered to his sister who also reached the end of her life. He walks into his mother's room and sees her distraught by her own action, and holding a gun in her hands. Quickly it’s shown how killing runs in the family. Colton gently takes the gun from his mother and has to make a choice. Afterward, a shot goes off hinting he's taken his mother’s life, though it is not shown on-screen. It begs the question if that happened who has he really been looking for all this time?

Colton is now looking at least three counts of murder but that isn’t enough for Joe. Even if he got the death sentence for those murders there are so many more he’s responsible for and he wants to interrogate the man and get proof for all the lives he’s responsible for taking. Gordo is not on board with making the situation even more difficult.

They have enough evidence to put him away for the rest of his days but Joe knows he’s the man behind the Drumco explosion. He not only wants but needs to prove he was behind it to get justice for his son. Deep down Leaphorn knows someone else is involved. As he goes to further question Colton about it he won’t give him what he wants.

Nicholas Logan as Colton Wolf - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Michael /

Dark Winds: How does Emma handle the news of Colton’s arrest?

Emma knows there’s not a thing she can do or say to keep her husband from getting down to the bottom of Colton’s part in the six murders during the explosion. She admits to Joe that there has been such a hole in their lives the past few years. When they were able to help Suzy and the baby she thought that hole would fill. But she knew it was selfish on her part. Emma wasn’t fully doing it for the betterment of the baby and Suzy she did it to bury her own pain. Now Joe and Emma will have to heal together, in different ways.

Dark Winds: Oh Mother where art thou’?

Jim Chee has taken the job to find out if Rosemary is cheating on her husband. Though he was right on her tail, he finds out about the arrest of Colton and goes down to the station to see it for himself. After all, he was the man that nearly killed him. When he does, he catches a glimpse of Bernie’s acceptance letter from Border Control. She hasn’t made any decisions yet but he questions her about it. A little hurt that she hadn’t told him. But she hadn’t even told Joe yet. Only that she applied.

Colton has many aliases. It’s hard to know yet what his name really is. At first, he tells Joe that his name is Alfred Newman. Joe isn’t buying it, not for one second. He begins to question him about his motive behind killing Indians. Colton evades the question not about to give Joe what he wants but he does begin to realize that one of the six deaths of the explosion was his son.

The minute he says it there is a part of Joe who would love nothing more than to scalp him right then and there. But it’s not his place to administer justice. Joe tells Colton with pleasure he’s going to be executed. However, he wants to know who else was behind the crimes. He just doesn’t find the logic in Colton targeting Native Americans he seems to have more of a method to his madness. Carl Lebeck is another name Colton goes by. Carl was a man who died three years ago and was killed by Colton. In return, Colton took his identity after the explosion.

Soon the man who was hired to find Linda Maddox, his mother, was brought in by Leaphorn for questioning. What he reveals makes the story even more confusing. The woman he found, who goes by the name Linda Maddox, is way too young to be his mother. So who is she? She goes by the last name McGuire. It’s not uncommon for serial killers to go by many faces and many names but Joe won’t be content until he finds out why.

Dark Winds: Total eclipse of the heart

Leaphorn sends everyone home to watch the eclipse. In the Navajo Nation, there is much superstition about being outdoors while the eclipse is going on. They are very adamant about telling everyone to stay inside.

Chee makes his way to Bernie’s trailer to leave her some nuts not realizing she was home. Bernie gives him a hard time and welcomes him inside because the eclipse is about to start. There is no love lost between the two. The chemistry between Bernie and Chee is quite evident and I’m not quite sure why this doesn’t go anywhere. The duo clearly share feelings for one another and we will see if that goes anywhere in season 3.

In this episode, we learn some interesting facts about Bernadette Manuelito. She reveals to Chee in her trailer when she was stationed in Germany she once dated the one and only King of Rock ’n’ Roll Elvis Presley. Bernie promises to kill Jim if he repeats it to anybody. So who would have thought our Bernie could have been Mrs. Elvis Presley? Obviously, it didn’t work out but that’s not a story I would hide.

Jessica Matten as Sgt. Bernadette Manuelito and Zakota Shade as Dean Bitsuie - Dark Winds _ Season /

As much as Dean doesn’t want to, he heads off to Vietnam to follow in his Uncle’s footsteps, a legendary code talker. He needed to take care of his family and tried to get arrested after finding out he was drafted. In hopes that would somehow put a halt to being taken away for the war. In a country where he’s not even recognized as an American citizen.

It’s no secret that both Native Americans and African Americans were treated less than during many wars in American History. Before he goes Bernie gives him a necklace for protection from the land of the four sacred mountains. Dean only hopes he can make it back home one day and make a difference like Bernie did.

Dark Winds: The People of Darknesss

Joe wants B.J. Vines down at the station. In his heart of hearts, he knows Mr. Vines leads a ceremony of sacred medicine for enlightenment. The People of Darkness begin the enlightenment and Chee disguises himself to attend. Rosemary comes upon her husband and asks to be healed by him. It’s not clear if this is some kind of game Rosemary is playing or if she’s in on the game with her husband. Jim knows this is not the Navajo way and a fight ensues. These are nothing more than white people trying to play Indian.

John Henry Diehl as BJ Vines and Jeri Ryan as Rosemary Vines - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 5 - /

Colton had been en route with Gordo to be taken to the Feds for his crimes but once again the escape artist gets freed. Joe finds Gordo with the vehicle flipped and Sena heavily injured telling him that Colton had escaped. Joe is of course more concerned for Gordo at the moment than chasing him down. There wasn’t much that could be done in the still of the night. The Feds will be after him soon so luckily the burden isn't all on him. Or so we hope.

The season 2 finale of Dark Winds will air next Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC and AMC Plus. Don’t miss a second of the action to see if Colton can be caught once and for all!

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