Is Yellowstone on CBS this Sunday? (October 8)

Yellowstone season 1 has been airing on CBS, and it's attracting new fans. Interested to know if an episode will be released on Sunday, October 8? We have all the details.
“Coming Home” – As Kayce feels the heat from tribal police, Jamie works some legal magic. Rip
“Coming Home” – As Kayce feels the heat from tribal police, Jamie works some legal magic. Rip /

The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike gave Yellowstone the select opportunity to broadcast on CBS this fall. CBS decided to fill its fall schedule with the Dutton saga and the amazing adventure that John Dutton’s family brings to the table. The series has already become a big hit for CBS even though many have already seen the best drama on television today.

Yellowstone brought in 6.6 million in viewership over the first weekend of the debut. The hits just keep on coming for Yellowstone. And half of those numbers were in part of new viewership. Not only are those numbers going to be great production for CBS but that 3 million in new viewership will likely carry over to the remaining episodes of season 5 when Yellowstone airs later this year.

There is no word yet on Yellowstone’s timetable to resume filming. For now, we will have to wait and see how long this SAG-AFTRA strike holds. Seeing that it is already October, it's very possible we won't get to see Yellowstone wrap up until 2024. But I am sure fans would rather see quality over quickness.

Taylor Sheridan has already stated that the final episodes of Yellowstone will take as long as he needs them to. He believes in the story and telling it the right way. There is already a lot of unfinished business it seems like too much to wrap up in a few episodes. Sheridan admitted if it takes more than the expected amount to wrap up the series, then so be it.

Yellowstone season 1 episode 6 airs on CBS this weekend

We come bearing good news because Yellowstone will air on Sunday, Oct. 8! “The Remembering” will come on after 60 Minutes. It won’t be long before the most troublesome family in television are back in action. A new partnership will threaten John and the Yellowstone as Jamie ramps up his political campaign. Will he be awarded the career he’s always dreamed of? Meanwhile, Rip will confront Kayce about cleaning up his messes. Something Rip seems to be a master at.

There is some bad blood between Kayce and Rip and it’s not quite evident yet why. Whatever happened in Kayce’s past that led him to join the military isn’t good. But it seems to be something John Dutton wants to get past. Kayce will find himself in another life-and-death situation.

Thomas Rainwater will still be hell-bent on going after John Dutton. And he doesn’t care how much money it takes to do it.

For the time being, Beth and John are on board with Kayce’s run for office. They enlist the help of Lynelle Perry who informs him his best shot is to run Independent. John still remains in rough condition after he was rushed to the hospital and the family must make do without him. And it becomes just about as chaotic as you would expect.

Monica will find herself in a similar predicament as her husband and John knows his kids are about to put him in an early grave. There is no rest for the weary at the Yellowstone.

CBS will air Yellowstone’s sixth episode titled “The Remembering” Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. ET directly following 60 Minutes.

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