Taylor Sheridan gives more insight on future Yellowstone spinoff with Matthew McConaughey

Taylor Sheridan finally reveals what the Yellowstone replacement spinoff will entail
Pictured: Sam Elliott as Shea and Taylor Sheridan of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr:
Pictured: Sam Elliott as Shea and Taylor Sheridan of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: /

Taylor Sheridan is certainly not a man of subtle words as he sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and answered some burning questions fans wanted to know. Mainly with that of Kevin Costner’s departure from Yellowstone to film his passion project Horizon.

Taylor Sheridan explains that his opinion of Kevin has never wavered. He’s a great actor and his portrayal of John Dutton is symbolic. A lot of people have given Kevin Costner criticism for the way he put his role on pause for his project and it doesn’t seem Sheridan thinks that’s fair. He does wish him well on Horizon and hopes that all his efforts were worth it.

"“I sure hope the movie is worth it and that it’s a good one.”"

Taylor Sheridan

While Sheridan is a bit disappointed with the outcome he would never take behind-the-scenes situations and transfer anger in the writing like some other showrunners have done. He’s not one to go off-script. While this changes things it’s likely that the miraculous life of John Dutton is coming to a close. But we will never forget the memories.

The last half of the season of Yellowstone will air later this year and we will see who brings John Dutton to his demise. With the way things are going in season 5 at the moment, I don’t see either John or Jamie Dutton making it out alive. Which may leave Beth Dutton to rule it all. As I’ve always said if anyone could make a hit show last it would be Beth and Rip, I’m just saying Taylor Sheridan. The world would be devastated if we had to say goodbye to that badass power couple forever.

When asked about details of the new spinoff with Matthew McConaughey Sheridan shared some details Yellowstone fans have been waiting to hear. He hints at a brand new location and a brand new cast. So it looks as if Matthew’s portrayal will be someone entirely new.

Taylor Sheridan and Matthew McConaughey share a great relationship already and Taylor Sheridan called the famous Texan a natural fit for the Yellowstone universe to The Hollywood Reporter. Though still in its beginning stages, we will not see this come to light anytime soon. By the time Yellowstone has finished airing its final season, we should know more.

Taylor Sheridan has already been hugely successful with both prequel shows 1883, and 1923, the latter of which is looking forward to filming its second season soon. For now, the Dutton Dynasty is on hold for the writers’ strike. He has more than enough to keep him busy with several other projects coming up like Lawman: Bass Reeves and Special Ops: Lioness.

We will continue to update you on the world of Taylor Sheridan as it comes out. With so many projects coming and the sky really being the limit for Sheridan (and beyond) there will be much more to share with you soon. He really has created such a vast universe of storytelling with the best actors in the business. This is a site that would not be here without his vision, creativity, and talent. We look forward to what he brings to the table next!

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