Where is Yellowstone filmed?

Yellowstone has unmatched beauty in television and here is where the beauty begins
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Yellowstone has been undoubtedly one of Taylor Sheridan’s biggest successes and one of the greatest things about the modernized Western show is how beautiful the scenery is. It obviously takes a pretty penny to film for the network, but where exactly do they film Yellowstone?

Anyone who has ever watched Yellowstone knows the series is set around Montana. That is the place Elsa Dutton died and the place James has called their home ever since her last breath. They built an empire with their cattle ranch and since then it has only grown throughout every generation of the Dutton family.

It may come as a surprise but the show is actually filmed mostly in Utah. 80 percent of the first three seasons of Yellowstone was filmed in and around the state because of the tax rebate offered by Utah to large productions. The majority of season 4 was filmed in the true state of Montana because they could no longer receive those same rebates in Utah they had the first few seasons.

How big is the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch?

The Dutton ranch stretches out a whopping 776,900 acres. John Dutton once said he owns a ranch the size of Rhode Island. That’s no small feat for the cowboy and it all goes to show just how far the Dutton family has come as poor pioneers to some of the wealthiest cowboys in the country. It has grown larger and larger with every generation of the Dutton family, and John is still trying hard to keep that legacy alive for his grandkids. So that one day, they can take the reigns and build on to it in the future.

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Montana holds some of the most beautiful land in all of the United States. So much of it looks untouched just as nature should be. Only one city in Montana has a population of more than 100,000 residents. Montana is also home to 24 Native American tribes. Taylor Sheridan has always stayed true to the history of the state and has incorporated Native Americans in all aspects of the Yellowstone spinoffs. Watching the show you can see all the elegant views of the Rocky Mountains in the background. They carry 100 different ranges. There is nothing quite like Big Sky Country!

Yellowstone is also one of the largest shows that has ever had productions in Utah. They filmed in Park City, Ogden, and Spanish Fork before filming was moved to Montana from season 4 and beyond. Both are amazingly gorgeous states and through Yellowstone, a lot of people get a deeper look at the beauty that is the west.

People who don’t have the luxury to travel there or the means get an inside look at the state and its history thanks to Taylor Sheridan and everybody involved in the making of one of the greatest shows on television today. Yellowstone may be coming to an end but because of its growing success, the universe will live on for many years to come as the Yellowstone universe expands.

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