Yellowstone season 1 episode 3 recap and reactions: “No Good Horses”

“Kill the Messenger” – As the dust settles from the dispute, the Duttons deal with the potential
“Kill the Messenger” – As the dust settles from the dispute, the Duttons deal with the potential /

Yellowstone started off on fire with its 2-hour debut on CBS this September, breaking numbers that only the NFL had surpassed for the network. The show came in with 6.6 million in viewership as new and old fans alike tuned in for the double-header, according to Variety.

If you're still catching up on the first season of Yellowstone like so many people across the country, we're here to discuss episode 3, titled "No Good Horses." Here's our recap and thoughts on the episode!

What happens in Yellowstone season 1 episode 3?

Going into episode 3, we last left John Dutton reeling from the death of his son Lee while everyone must work overtime to protect Kayce. It’s not a big surprise that he is the top suspect in the murder of Monica’s brother Robert. He may have deserved every second of his justice but there are things that even John can’t protect his family from. The reservation is going to want answers and the bloody trail leads right to Kayce and the Dutton family.

Unfortunately, for Kayce justice for his brother will come at the ultimate cost. He is a hero who rises to the occasion but there is a cost to pay for everything. Tate is put in harm's way when he must seek revenge on the reservation. He was already in hot water for the death of Robert and now must entrust strangers to get him out of the new mess he’s in.

It’s a hard day at the ranch for everybody, especially Beth. We learn much more about her backstory and the history of her and her mother. As well as the deep love John had for Evelyn, and since that day the Dutton’s have never been the same but is that the way Beth wants it?

Episode 3 is all about what becomes of life the day your better half is taken away from you. Some die a slow and painful death like John. Some decide to go out much quicker. It highlights just how many people can be affected by the passing of one soul. It may take years to get over and sometimes not even then.

The audience will get to see the day-to-day guilt that Beth lives with. Perhaps this is why she tries to please John so much. But as always there is no simple method to Beth’s madness and she really doesn’t care who bears witness to it. It's almost as if she feels she has caused so much pain it really doesn't matter how much she inflicts on herself. But there is one thing, or should we say person, who still puts a smile on her face even in the darkest of days.

If you've yet to see the third episode of Yellowstone season 1, here are our spoiler-free reactions! Let's see if they have you interested.

1. Not a mother’s daughter.

2. Kayce is a momma’s boy.

3. If this is the last thing I see so be it.

4, It’s almost like she wanted her to die…

5. The wolves come at night.

6. She should have let Kayce do it.

7. John is still very much in love with her.

8. Running away won’t escape a murder charge.

9. Beth really does whatever the hell she wants!

10. This is a hard day for Beth and one-night stands don't help.

11. Misery loves company.

12. Everyone suffers today.

13. The race is on!

14. Tubby is no match for a decorated cowboy.

15. A hero on and off the land.

16. A coyote sighting is not a good sign.

17. Making an enemy of the chief might come back to bite them.

18. Snake-killer will have one cool story to tell.

19. Bad white men are still going to trump upstanding men on the rez.

20. John has friends in high places.

21. Rainwater wants to take it all back but the flood is coming.

22. He’s the one man who can make her smile on the worst day of the year.

23. John needs to forget on this day of all days.

24. Why won’t they just let the man live his dream?

25. You kill the body you must kill the souls.

26. Poor boy knows he’s not good enough.

27. You are cancer.

28. A man of are not.

29. The sibling ranking is very clear and not always deserved.

30. Playing with fire will get you burned every time.

31. Death comes for us all.

32. John Dutton always wins in the end.

33. Sometimes when they die you die.

34. 3 times the trouble is coming for him now.

New episodes of Yellowstone air every Sunday night on CBS. You can stream all available seasons of the show right now on Peacock.

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