Yellowstone: What is the 6666 ranch?

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The 6666 Ranch is a ranch in King County, Texas in Carson County and Hutchinson County. It is also known as the Four Sixes or Quad Sixes. The main section of the ranch is located around Guthrie in King County. As one of the biggest ranches in the state of Texas, it consists of 142, 372 acres. The Four Sixes make up three properties that combine for 266,000 acres. Not only is Taylor Sheridan creating a Yellowstone spin-off for the famous ranch, he actually bought it!

The Four Sixes held an asking price of $320 million dollars. Sheridan didn’t buy it alone but with a group of investors. 6666 was founded in 1870 and spreads over multiple counties in the lone star state.

The Guthrie and Dixon Creek Ranch covers over 250 thousand acres. Frisco Creek carries under 10 thousand acres in Sherman County. Sheridan and his group purchased the famous ranch for over $320 million.

As a Texas boy and rancher, Taylor Sheridan knows the history and the legacy of the ranch. It is in good hands and one of the many things that makes Sheridan such a gifted western writer and developer, especially for Yellowstone, is because ranching is in his blood. The 6666 ranch is most famously known for its quarter horses and black Angus cattle.

What is on the 6666 ranch?

The main headquarters of 6666 carries unbelievable things, it is almost like a western paradise and every cowboy’s dream. It consists of a round pen, dog kennel, feed building, shop building, many horse sheds, horse sheds, the 6666 loft barn, two bunkhouses, pilot’s quarters, 20 houses for the employees, the supply house, an airplane hanger with a private landing strip, and two laborer houses.

The Four Sixes was highlighted in Yellowstone in both season 4 and season 5 of the series. Season 5 has possibly set up the spinoff for 6666. On Yellowstone Jimmy (Jefferson White) kept making a lot of mistakes and John Dutton (Kevin Costner) gave his blessing for him to leave the ranch and embark on a new life. John had made a promise to Jimmy’s grandfather to keep him out of trouble.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t going that way so John came up with a new plan. Though Jimmy became a comedic fan-favorite it was the best way to set up an opening for the 6666 spinoff. Because of Jimmy’s impending doom in Montana, he thought Texas was a place Jimmy could round himself out to become the cowboy he couldn’t become in Montana.

Texas became a big adaptation for Jimmy but in time he does progress and eventually falls in love with a woman named Emily who is finally worthy of his heart. When 6666 goes into full production, it makes the most sense Jimmy will be the main character for the series. He will now have a connection with both shows and it’s only logical he is at the forefront of the plot of the Yellowstone spinoff. Even though he is branded to the Yellowstone ranch he has made a happy life in Texas with stability and purpose.

Rip and the boys have to move John’s cattle down south because of Brucellosis spreading throughout the herd, and as Yellowstone is ending it is the perfect setup to transfer a lot of the Yellowstone cast onto 6666. It would have all the markings for success with the likes of Rip and Beth and of course Teeter and the other half of the bunkhouse boys. Taylor Sheridan has a big stake in the spinoff as he now owns the famous Texas 6666 ranch so I expect nothing less than the best when it comes to this next venture in theYellowstone franchise.

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