Women of Yellowstone: 10 amazing women of the Yellowstone Universe

Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton and Robert Patrick as Sheriff McDowell of the Paramount+ series 1923.
Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton and Robert Patrick as Sheriff McDowell of the Paramount+ series 1923. /
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The Yellowstone universe is home to so many of the strongest women on television. Each has their own strengths and their own powers. These women are a fictional historical inspiration even to our generation today.

Through centuries of time, there have been family matriarchs who have kept the Dutton men in line and some who have been even greater pillars than the ranching men. Without these women, the Dutton family and traditions would not be what they are today. We take a look a the top 10 women who have the Yellowstone franchise and the success that you see present-day.

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10. Lynelle

Lynelle Perry is a former congresswoman in Yellowstone and former Governor of the state of Montana. Now she is a senate representative and a strong ally to John Dutton. As well as a former lover of the leading man. She holds John Dutton in high regard and he confides in her intelligence and political experience. Though their relationship has never been serious they do bring out the best in each other. Lynelle helps to guide John in his governorship. Teaching him the best way to lead the people of Montana. And without her John would have faltered before he even began.

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9. Elizabeth Dutton

Elizabeth Dutton, formerly known as Elizabeth Strafford in 1923 is young Jack Dutton’s wife. When we first meet her she comes off as a spoiled wealthy rancher's daughter. She marries Jack and has her own ideas of how she thought life was going to be as a rancher's wife. It hit her hard and so did the tragedy that came with it. But under the guidance of Cara Dutton, she finds a lot of strength within herself she didn’t know she had. Though she struggles to learn her place Cara teaches her that she’s much more than a wife and childbearing woman. There’s so much more to life and so much more value she has to offer.

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8. Alexandra Dutton

Alexandra “Alex” Dutton is a British woman in 1923 who too has her own ideas about love. When we first meet her she is engaged to be married to a man she isn’t in love with. Immediately she falls in love with Spencer Dutton at first sight in Africa. She was safari hunting and Spencer was a renowned hunter. Ultimately she ends up leaving her fiancé to be with Spencer. It’s a fast love but it’s very intense and passionate. When you know you just know. She is well-fortified and she never lets Spencer make her feel weak. The two share such a loving and equal connection which reminds me a lot of Cara and Jacob.