Yellowstone: Why Rip Wheeler is the most wanted man in television

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Rip Wheeler is by far one of the sexiest characters in television today.

Rip Wheeler became an orphaned child when his father brutally murdered his family. He may have gotten out with his life, but it was a life he knew he could never go back to. When he joined the Dutton Ranch, he vowed to one day become the lead hand. And though Beth Dutton made some jokes about the insignificance of that, it’s precisely what he came to be.

Cole Hauser’s portrayal as Rip on Yellowstone has brought women to their knees and made some of us believe there are still kind-hearted gentlemen like him out there in the world. But his irresistibly goes much further than what the man looks like on the outside. Here are just a few reasons why Rip is the most beloved character on the hit neo-Western drama Yellowstone.


Rip is the most loyal man you’re ever going to meet. He has treated John Dutton like a father ever since he walked onto the ranch. Since then, he has been John’s most loyal hand and the most dependable man on the ranch. Not only that, but he does a lot of John’s dirty work, no questions asked. Rip is the man most notably known for taking people to the train station. Though we all know it’s where they take the dead bodies, there’s something so desirable about the way he says it.

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The Protector

He’s one of the best protectors you will find. One of the best examples is when Beth found herself in trouble at her office in the attack of Terrell Riggins. Riggins hired local militia to get the job done, but luckily for Beth, Rip busted in just in time.

He protected Jimmy from other ranchers who wanted to hurt him. But as a branded man to the Yellowstone, that was not happening on his watch. He protected Lloyd from himself and when there was any bar trouble, he left it to Rip and the gang to handle it.

When Jimmy’s grandfather was murdered over an old debt that was already paid, he helped Jimmy get justice for his family. Once you become part of Yellowstone, that is family, that’s loyalty, and there’s nothing you don’t do for family according to Rip Wheeler.


Let's just allow Rip to do the talking for this one...

"Hey, Mama. I met somebody. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with her. I could’ve gone to some store and bought her some f-ing ring but what does that mean? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t curse. I want her to wear yours. Maybe you can uh maybe you can know her, too somehow. I don’t know. I love you Mom. "

Rip Wheeler


Humor is one of Rip’s greatest qualities. My personal favorite is him telling Beth to put away her crazy. He has no qualms about being real with his wife. Sometimes she does need to bottle the insanity inside of her. Deep down he knows that life is too serious to take it so seriously all the time. Enjoy the little moments before the disaster comes roaring its ugly head again.


Rip may be the toughest man on the ranch but inside he’s one big teddy bear. In season one, he had a moment with Tate talking about his horse. With children, he is soft and kind. It also broke Beth’s heart in two to watch him with her nephew, knowing that she would never be able to give him that.

He’s a man who also believes in a second chance even to people who don’t deserve it. God knows he wanted to give up on Jimmy so many times. But I think Jimmy’s success goes to show you that nobody is gone until they’re gone.

Ultimate Bad-Boy

Rip is the ultimate bad boy. There are few people in the world with his fighting style, and takes no mercy on anyone who puts the ranch in harm's way. That is his life, his home, and his priority. Without it, there would be no life for him. Because once the ranch is gone is gone, forever.

A Simple Man

One of the most refreshing things about him is he’s just a simple man. With simple needs. He needs Beth, a strong pair of jeans, and not much else to be happy. He looks at every day with Beth as a gift. And that’s not ever something he takes for granted.


Beth Dutton is the love of Rip’s life. Let's face it, there’s not a lot Beth hasn’t done to him. They may be happy and sip whiskey and stare at the stars, but there was a time when all that didn’t seem possible for Rip. It wasn’t until Lee’s death, when Beth decided to stay, that she fell for the cowboy’s charms again.

Beth has a mountain of secrets that only she knows. Even to this day, she is still afraid that if Rip were to find out too much, he would leave her for sure. Rip continually reassures her that the past doesn’t matter now. For him, it’s always been Beth and always will be Beth. He fell in love with her years ago, and it’s only ever been one woman for him. No matter how many years passed where they didn’t see each other.

That is the one thing that separates Rip from any other man you’re going to find in fiction, and most certainly real life, is that he’s a one woman-man. No matter what hardships they face or what Beth puts him through, his love for her never fades a shade.

Beth Dutton may not always deserve him, but he never lets a day pass where he’s not filled with gratitude to be with her. If there is such thing as a heaven on earth, she is his heaven. Rip remains tough as nails in every aspect of his life, except for when it comes to the woman he loves. There is no storm they can’t weather together.

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